York, UK

Great Yorkshire Fringe, The White Rose Rotunda
July 25 - July 28

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“Out damn ‘RED WINE’ spot! Out I say!”

Shit-faced Shakespeare return for their 3rd year at The Great Yorkshire Fringe with their band of merry players, one of whom is a little too merry!

Returning heroes, Macbeth and Banquo encounter three witches who prophesize that Macbeth will one day become King of Scotland. How will the egotistical Macbeth and his wildly wife help to move this prophecy along? Whatever way they decide, popping a plastered player in the mix is sure to help things run “smoothly” …

Featuring wicked wives, bloody battles, wayward witches, sprightly spirits (both the alcoholic & goulish kind) and HAGGIS FOR EVERYONE… maybe!

Shit-faced Shakespeare is the genuinely hilarious combination of an entirely serious Shakespeare play with an entirely Shit-faced actor. Please remember to enjoy Shakespeare responsibly.

Shit-faced Shakespeare®: Macbeth at the Great Yorkshire Fringe. Book early!