Romeo and Juliet

Boston, USA

The Rockwell
May 5 - July 9, 2022

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Shit-faced Shakespeare® is the genius combination of a 1-hour long Shakespeare play with a single drunken cast member hurled into the mix for the audience’s delight and delectation.

Warning: Shit-faced Shakespeare® contains real traces of actual Shakespeare and deeply inappropriate behavior throughout!

Following sellout runs all over the US since 2015 Shit-faced Shakespeare is back with the show that launched it all.

Book early to avoid soul-crushing life-choice failure.

Dramatis personæ

Shit-faced Shakespeare® features a cast of rotating players covering multiple roles over a run. You can, however, expect to see some of these Magnificent Bastards appearing in this production:

Brett Milanowski

This is where we would write something nice and witty about Brett…Give us a minute…It would really help if there WAS anything nice and witty about Brett…

Tyler Rosati

Finally after 7 long years of toiling with Shit-faced Shakespeare, Tyler has achieved the rank of “One of the giants!” of the company. Well done! Took a lot of work and far too many bottles of that shitty, bubbly peach stuff he drinks.

Jon Vellante

Jon is a mystery to us all. Really. We aren’t sure what is going to happen when we release him on stage. We went through his Facebook to see if he had a discernible personality but all we could find was “The moment where the chip meets the salsa is truly intimate.” Uh...sure. He won’t be returning for another show.

Bree Perry

Bree is a delight to work with. Their warmth and enthusiasm is unrivaled. Our hope for Bree this season is that they can find the answer to that eternal question…”What is Wednesday?”

Sarah Morin

Sarah's good nature and incredible talent is a sight not to be missed. Just don't ask her to play "Hide The Shoe" it will get ugly. She is also co-producing this particular production so, you know, blame her too.