Boston, USA

The Rockwell
Apr 27- Jun 24, 2023

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“By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.”

Taking a break from the comedic side of things, the Boston Bastards plunge into the hearty world of tragedy at The Rockwell in Somerville with their hit show Shit-faced Shakespeare®: Macbeth. Upon hearing the weird sister’s prediction, Macbeth and his tiger wife take matters into their own hands and manage to burn down everything in their wake. Well, almost. Fair is foul and foul is fair in this tale of prophecy gone slightly off the rails. Perhaps we should add a bit of liquor to help the process along? Featuring Shakespeare’s most lovable witches, ghostly best friends, hell-hounds, unhinged wives, enough dead kings to give Game of Thrones a run for its money, and lots of plaid, Scotland storms Boston this spring.

Settle in for a pint (or two!) and raise a glass with us. Shit-faced Shakespeare® is the classic combination of a Tetris-ed together Shakespeare script, a six pack of professional actors and a luge flow of booze! What could possibly go wrong?

Warning: Shit-faced Shakespeare® is perfect for those wishing to add to their repertoire of colorful language and not for those who blush easily at the mere mention of the “F” word…

Grab your tickets early to get in on this limited time run!

Dramatis personæ

Shit-faced Shakespeare® features a cast of rotating players covering multiple roles over a run. You can, however, expect to see some of these Magnificent Bastards appearing in this production:

Alex Leondedis

This is Alex’s second show with SFS and we are sticking with the nickname he earned after the first production- “Better James”.

Brett Milanowski

This is where we would write something nice and witty about Brett…Give us a minute…It would really help if there WAS anything nice and witty about Brett…

Liz Hartford

Liz is not the hero this company wants but is indeed the hero that it needs- especially when it comes to stepping into a last minute Benvolia performance. Ask her about her Purim Puppet Show and this Silly Lizzy guarantees a good time.

Sarah Morin

Sarah's good nature and incredible talent is a sight not to be missed. Just don't ask her to play "Hide The Shoe" it will get ugly. She is also co-producing this particular production so, you know, blame her too.

Tyler Rosati

Finally after 7 long years of toiling with Shit-faced Shakespeare, Tyler has achieved the rank of “One of the giants!” of the company. Well done! Took a lot of work and far too many bottles of that shitty, bubbly peach stuff he drinks.