London, UK

Leicester Square Theatre
June 30 - Sep 11

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“Is this a lager I see before me?”

Shit-faced Shakespeare is back for the 5th year at Leicester Square Theatre for another round of heavy drinking and mild Shakespeare and it’s going to be a bloodbath, with their all-new production of Macbeth.

The Macbeth’s are known far and wide for their superior party planning abilities… The King of Scotland mysteriously died at the last one and this time their guest of honour is a ghost. Can throwing a real live drunk into the mix add further entertainment to one of Shakepeare’s most gruesome plays…?* (*the answer is yes, yes it can.)

Featuring beheaded besties, sinful spouses, neurotic necromancers, a whole heap of haggis and some incredibly over enthusiastic ceilidh dancing. Scotland storms London in 2021.

Shit-faced Shakespeare® selects the finest Shakespeare plays, reduces them down and adds a single drunken cast member to the mix every single night.

Warning: Shit-faced Shakespeare® is not for the faint of heart or those prone to theatrical purism!

Shit-faced Shakespeare®: Macbeth is playing exclusively at The Leicester Square Theatre this summer. Book early!