Much Ado About Nothing

Brighton, UK

Warren on the Beach: The Oil Shed
Aug 23 - Aug 30

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“I do love nothing in the world so well as you- is not that strange?”

After a fantastic run at the Brighton Fringe Shit-faced Shakespeare® is back on Brighton Beach for the summer with an all new production of their hit show Shit-faced Shakespeare®: Much Ado About Nothing.

When the sinister Don John and his troupe of bachelor soldiers arrive in Messina, Sicily love is in the air as old flames are re-ignited and new desires begin to burn. Maybe some hard liquor will help lubricate the process?

Featuring Shakespeare’s most reluctant pair of lovers, villainous bastards, mistaken identities, faked deaths, sword fights, masque balls and lots of lovely lovely booze. Come join us for a beer* on the beach.

*Please always remember to enjoy Shakespeare responsibly!

Shit-faced Shakespeare® is the classic combination of a hacked-to-bits Shakespeare script, half a dozen professional actors and a bucket load of booze! Sounds classical to us.

Warning: Shit-faced Shakespeare® is an adult show for big sensible grownups and therefore contains rude stuff!

Shit-faced Shakespeare®: Much Ado About Nothing is playing exclusively at The Warren on the Beach from the 23rd-30th August.

Book early to catch this limited time run!

Dramatis personæ

Shit-faced Shakespeare® features a cast of rotating players covering multiple roles over a run. You can, however, expect to see some of these Magnificent Bastards appearing in this production:

Beth-Louise Priestley

Beth-Louise holds the record for the most drunk shows performed by quite a way... you could say she really is a professional drunk. She joined Shit-faced Shakespeare® and hasn't left. So please if anyone was impressed with her performance this evening please hire her... we aren't joking.

David Ellis

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