Romeo and Juliet

Basingstoke, UK

The Haymarket
Sep 30

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“A plague o’both your ale houses!”

The smash-hit, internationally acclaimed, award-winning, multi sell-out fringe phenomenon is off on a UK tour with their version of Romeo and Juliet.

Young Veronians Romeo and Juliet go against the odds (and their family’s wishes!) by falling in love and setting in motion a cacophony of sword fights, masquerades, and young life cut short. Perhaps we should raise a glass to these star-crossed lovers and drown our sorrows?

Featuring Shakespeare’s most famous feuding family, cousins without a cause, and so many faux deaths it makes daytime TV look good.

Shit-faced Shakespeare® takes the best of The Bard and reshapes his words down to 100 minute versions of themselves all whilst adding a drunken cast member along for the ride.

Warning: Shit-faced Shakespeare absolutely 100% without a doubt will feature foul language and some nudity.

Shit-faced Shakespeare®: Romeo and Juliet is playing at The Haymarket, Basingstoke