The Merchant of Venice

Boston, USA

The Rockwell
May 14 - July 11

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“The portrait of a blinking idiot.”

The tale of Shakespeare’s most notorious flesh-requesting character is set to take the Boston stage at the The Rockwell once again in summer of 2020 with Shit-faced Shakespeare®: The Merchant of Venice.

Shylock asks for a pound of flesh as part of a loan contract (weird), Bassanio agrees to it (weirder), and Portia saves the day by cross-dressing and pretending to practice the law (perfectly normal). It’s almost as if Shakespeare was foreshadowing our existence in 2019. Don’t you think it will all get sorted with a nice pint of ale…

Featuring cross-dressing, contracting, co-mingling, coercion, and cohabitation in tiny hamster caskets (true story), you will leave Shit-faced Shakespeare® feeling dizzy from excitement (or one too many drinks at the bar). Probably. Most likely.

Shit-faced Shakespeare® takes the best of The Bard and reshapes his words down to one hour versions of themselves all whilst adding a drunken cast member along for the ride.

Warning: Shit-faced Shakespeare® is not appropriate for anyone who does not like a string of profanity and a nip-slip or two.

Shit-faced Shakespeare®: The Merchant of Venice is playing exclusively at The Rockwell in 2020.

Get thee to the theater, good folks!