Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane Powerhouse
Mar 19 - Mar 22

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“To beer or not to beer? Is that a question?”

These Fringe legends have toured the world, broken America, established themselves on London’s West End, won numerous awards, survived a zero star review in The Times (UK) and are now ready for their biggest challenge yet: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark in Australia!

Shitfaced-Shakespeare® is finally ready to tackle the greatest dramatic work ever commited to page in the English language, Hamlet. The story of a whiny lad who goes a bit loopy and does some stabbings. Sounds like pure comedy gold!

Featuring foul language, outrageous behaviour, terrible singing, rapidly expelled bodily fluids and dangerous swordplay Shakespeare has long been considered ‘cultural’. Think of it like Game of Thrones… with a coherent ending.

After sell out shows in 2018 and 2019 Shit-faced Shakespeare® are delighted to jump onstage in Brisbane with an all new show for 2020. Buy tickets early to avoid soul-crushing disappointment.

Shit-faced Shakespeare® selects the finest Shakespeare plays, reduces them down to one hour spectaculars and adds a single drunken cast member to the mix every single night.

Warning: Shit-faced Shakespeare® is not for the faint of heart or those prone to theatrical purism!

Shit-faced Shakespeare®: Hamlet is playing exclusively at Brisbane Powerhouse whilst in town. Book early!