An entirely serious Shakespeare play, with an entirely shit-faced cast member.

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“Come, come, good wine is a good familiar creature, if it be well used” Othello: Act 2 Sc III

What happens when we take some of America’s finest classically trained Shakespearean actors, a handful of the greatest works of English literature and add in enough alcohol to sterilise a brewery? Shit-faced Shakespeare® is exactly what happens.

Each night we take on one of Shakespeare’s most exciting theatrical works and one carefully selected cast member is charged with drinking for 4 entire hours prior to showtime. The remaining sober cast are forced to fight their way through the show while incorporating, rectifying, justifying and generally improvising round their inebriated castmate.

With foul language, partial nudity, simulated acts of a sexual nature, attempted singing, full contact wrestling, full nudity, actual acts of a sexual nature and involuntary ‘tongue stuff’ Shakespeare plays are still considered literature… All we’re doing is adding a splash of booze to the mix.

What could possibly go right?

“It’s a fucking mess. A fucking spectacular mess!”

Austin Chronicle

“This is no-holds-barred ecstasy in Shakespearean guise, and with a different culprit every night you can always come back for more”


“Wherever I looked I saw hands over mouths and bodies bent over, shrieking with laughter”

West End Wilma

“This. Is. Spectacular! … makes for a fun night”

Jared Bowen - WGBH

“It’s chaotic, it’s crass, it’s fun, and it’s a show that certainly should not be missed”

Harvard Crimson

“Will have you giggling - and even blushing a little”

Austin Monthly

Best Comedy UK Brighton Fringe 2016

Sellout Show UK Edinburgh Fringe 2012 - 2018

Best Comedy Show MA Scout Somerville 2017

Shit-faced Shakespeare® Shorts

Simply cannot wait to see a Shit-faced Show or are you craving that sweet hit of Shit-faced action after a recent exposure to our magnificence? Perhaps you simply wish to procrastinate at work for 3 and a half minutes? Whatever the cause, we’ve got you covered with our free webseries: Shit-faced Shakespeare® Shorts. Like, comment, donate a kidney and subscribe to the channel to receive the latest updates you lucky, lucky bastard you.

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